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....    This harmony, in turn, creates a balanced, healthy and prosperous life. Any type of energy that is foolishly enhanced will disturb the whole cycle of the Five Ruling Energies, thus bringing chaos and destruction in the lives of those who ignore these principles. I wish to emphasize all this because a few days ago, while visiting the shop of a dear friend of mine, I had two big surprises, one after the other. I forgot to mention that ever since the year 2000 her shop is the best-known advocate of Feng Shui features in Romania; and she herself goes to different countries or travels the country of Tibet far and wide, searching for features that I''ve only ever found in that distant land. Her desire to bring us all that we can use in Feng Shui art has made her the most notorious and respectable trader in this field. That is why she is visited by a host of people wanting to create harmony in their homes by applying Feng Shui principles. Still, I was astounded to see an "expert" gentleman ordering five Pakua mirrors, which are meant to reject the energy flow known as shar chi. When I asked why he needed to use so many, he pithily replied, "There is no understanding between my neighbours and myself; they are jealous and mean, so I''ll place such a mirror on every wall in my apartment. This way, I''ll be protected for sure!" "…and forever more," I spoke to myself, feeling pity for the poor man who had no idea what he was doing. As a result of his actions, he may be rid of the problem with his neighbours; but certainly in a few weeks, his life will become a nightmare in that abode where creative energies will be completely suppressed. He was so strong-minded and hasty that I don''t even think he noticed me well when I practically whispered, "This isn''t good at all…" He looked at me with an air of superiority and curiosity; then hurriedly left while tightly gripping the package in his hands. It was none of my business, of course…
The second surprising event came after no more than five minutes, when a very elegant lady showed up saying she read in some magazine that on the outward wall of a N-facing room there must be many, many crystals. Of course she asked for the most expensive and beautiful objects in the store - no more, no less than a couple of superb crystal spheres that belong to the art of divination, if you know what I mean? Between these spheres there were also two black quartz crystal points - one made of onyx and the other of granite. I don''t know where this lady lives, but judging by her investments we are sure to hear about a new location of the Queen of Magic; and it''s not difficult to foretell what kind of magic… Or maybe we won''t be hearing about that, but chances of an accident occurring in that house are dramatically increased. And all this because "she read somewhere that…"
As we all know, the Chinese New Year belongs to the Rooster. I don''t mean to depress you, but the highly appreciated optimism of the Monkey year will rapidly decrease. The cheerful Rooster will bring us happy days, but we''ll be paying for them by exhausting our vital energies. It is a year of precaution, when the political life is likely to take a very rough approach. The whole political arena will be subject to emphatic discourses and ardent, philosophic orators who will be enthusiastically talking about… nothing at all. The new governments will probably play a little tough with their opposition, but that''s more for show, because there are hardly any favouring circumstances for a real confrontation in the Rooster year. Much too deep waters could be stirred… Thus the balance of everything will be precarious, and yet Chinese sages say this is "the year of a bird that has a full belly and never feels hunger", so we won''t be lacking resources, even though stress levels may go up through the roof. The coming year is the Dog year - a year of many diseases, accidents and upheavals. A year when you can lose friends of a lifetime. It is a good idea to look behind you every now and then, to find out who your real friends are. A year that''s good for marriages, but also for separations. For Romania, it is a year of transformation (not necessarily in a good way… it''s likely that a major cataclysm will strike the whole Northeast, East and Southeast region by year end). Or rather, it is a year of lengthy preparations. Moreover, it is also a year when you can become rich, a year when you will be able to increase material gains in spite of drastic economic limitations. Knowing all this, we can address the Feng Shui principles, and we shall try to enhance those creative energies that are weakened during the year: health, family, children, and friends. Until we do that, let us review the terminology a little: The literal meaning of Feng Shui is "wind and water", while the primordial purpose of this art is to re-establish balance of the creative energy flow in our lives and in the environment. Historians tell us that Feng Shui originated in China; also that it appeared about 4,000 years before Christ was born, but no precise date can be determined. Our only certainty is that this art is older than Christianity, and that during the last decades it has garnered much interest in the West.
Feng Shui is more than an art; it is a way of mastering the power of several metaphysical philosophies and combining them scientifically, in order to obtain actual changes. These changes include attracting wealth and stimulating a general state of peace and wellbeing.
The benefits of Feng Shui are tremendous. It can help us in all areas of life, with no pain, simply and effectively.
The surroundings in which a person lives are quite often a mirror-image of the things they experience in everyday life. This is why the environment may be considered as being a mirror; and when changes occur, like any mirror it can offer us a clear picture of what needs to be transformed in order for balance to be restored.
The supporting principle of Feng Shui is this: small changes in our environment can have a dramatic impact on our entire lives. This is not because of superstition or heresy, but because it really changes the quality of the energy flowing around us, in us, and through us.


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