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   We can think of the house we live in as an emanation of our energy body. Our house needs to function as a cohesive unit, and of course, it must satisfy our needs and aspirations for as long a time as possible. It’s a known fact that energies are perpetually changing, and this has a direct impact on our life as well.
Should we make a parallel between rooms and the chakras of our bodies, we could further compare the corridors with meridians allowing the chi to move in and out of the rooms.
For the chi to move unimpeded and effectively throughout your home, the corridors must be as clear as possible in order to establish a constant flow.

Narrow Corridors with No Doors or Windows

Narrow corridors with no doors or windows will only allow the chi to move rapidly from one end of the corridor to another. This means energy moves faster then we’d like, and we must find a way to slow it down.
The most usual method of slowing down the chi on such hallways is to hang mirrors or paintings on both sides of the corridor, so the energy may zigzag as it moves through. Thus the energy’s speed will diminish to a more acceptable level.

Narrow Corridors with Windows or Doors

If a narrow hallway has one or several doors and windows, it’s even easier to slow down the chi. All you need to do is to open that door/window a little bit, so the chi will redirect its course rather than rush from one end of the corridor to the other.

Large Corridors

The chi moves slowly through bigger hallways. In a large corridor with many doors and windows, you should keep most of them closed; otherwise the chi will slow down even more. And even if you do this, the chi still doesn’t flow properly, so other measures are needed as well.
One popular method of speeding up the chi is to hang small crystals along the middle of the hallway, in a straight line from one end to the other. This gives the chi a natural “pathway” on which to circulate and discourages its tendency to slow down, thus improving the chi flow considerably.

Interior Decorating

The chi passing through a corridor sweeps each room at a time, so the hallway itself must be as inconspicuous as possible. This means there must be a balance of Yin and Yang, with no deliberately enhanced areas along the corridor. As far as the interior design is concerned, the hallway is the easiest to decorate, as Feng Shui only recommends maintaining a sense of balance between the energies here.


Here also, balance is everything. Natural light should be encouraged as much as possible, for the sun’s chi is marvellously beneficial in all circumstances. But do avoid strong artificial lighting such as fluorescent lamps, as these lamps are extremely Yang and they’ll disturb the energy passing through.

Sound and Colour

Since corridors are a sort of energy meridians that circulate the chi in your home, this means the chi must move regularly and unhindered. This is why you don’t need sounds or specific colours here in order to enhance certain areas. Once you’ve managed to slow down or speed up the chi – depending on the corridor’s width –, and to balance Yin energy with Yang by using decorations and the lighting system, there’s nothing else you need to do.








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