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   Rat people are usually full of life, possessed of very elegant manners and remarkable powers of persuasion; and due to these qualities, they are captivating characters. They are very direct; the kind who’ll tell it like it is without beating around the bush. Though they project a composed image before others, they are always preoccupied with all sorts of problems and they are highly agitated.
They are dominant personalities who always like to be the leaders and to acquire as many properties as possible. They aren’t really giving types; they’re actually considered to be tight-fisted even where family or close friends are concerned. On the other hand, they’ll often spend exorbitant amounts of money for completely useless things or unsupported fantasies. Rats have a sentimental nature, despite their cool and distant veneer. They are also very concerned about the troubles of their family and friends, whom they’ll do anything for.

Positive Rat types are honest; but their wicked counterparts will resort to lies and to falseness. They are highly ambitious and they’ll do anything to achieve their goals, seizing every opportunity that comes their way.

They are highly dynamic, perceptive, and skilful. You’ll never trick them unless they want you to.

They are sociable and cheerful, so they like outings, going to clubs and parties, and any elegant type of entertainment in general. They have few, but trusted friends. As a boss, they care about their staff’s problems, and they display an unusual concern and understanding. They are highly demanding, and they ask of their employees that they do a lot of work that’s close to perfection. They are exceptionally and permanently critical.
If you are to work with a Rat you need to have a lot of patience, and stoically endure their harsh and frequent remarks.

Rats can inadvertently become superficial and ignore some pretty important aspects when they are concerned about too many problems they want to solve ASAP.

They are good organizers, so if they go into business they are sure to prosper. They can also make good politicians, legal advisors, lawyers, notaries, or prosecutors. Or they can work in state administration.
They have business acumen, and they’ll always pick those opportunities that will ensure their success. Their ambition is far greater than average, so they’ll stop at nothing to achieve their aims. They like to be in absolute control, and they are painstaking in their accounting records. The Rat-born generally have an enviable financial situation. Poverty is temporary to them, as they will quickly find the necessary material and spiritual resources to surpass such difficult times.

Predictions for the RAT

2006 is a good year for Rat people. The future is bright, and all of last year’s negative energy will naturally fade away. However, it would be better if you tried not to boast too much about your good fortune. It will pay off to be humble and to show your appreciation of others in order to avoid any arguments.
For the male of the species, good luck will be scarcer this year, but it will increase progressively. Try not to feel frustrated when you hit an obstacle along the way. You can surpass any hindrance by being determined and trying to prevent any type of problem. You’ll have many people to guide and support you. Be wary of distractions and temptations this year.
The Rat lady will be luckier this year. Your relationship with your spouse will be harmonious, and chances are you will conceive. It’s very likely that those of you who aren’t married will find their soul-mate this year.
You’ll need to pay attention to detail in your career, especially if that means running your own business. It would be a good idea to read the small print in any written agreement, in order to avoid discussions later. If you are an employee, this year will increase your chances of getting that promotion.
The year 2006 is a good year financially. Just make sure you don’t overspend and try not to lend money, because it’s quite possible you won’t be able to collect.
Health is not too great this year, so it would be a good idea to try and prevent illness by taking food supplements.


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