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   Many people pay the least attention to the bathroom, while they tend to focus on the rest of the home. However, if you pay your bathroom the attention it deserves and you apply Feng Shui principles here, your life just might change for the better, especially where your finances are concerned.
Money has for centuries been associated with water. We refer to money as “cash flow”, because it flows in and out of our lives. We say about a big spender that “money slips through their fingers”. We even talk about “money circulation”, as though there were a liquid and moving quality about it. If you are currently facing financial difficulties or money management problems, your bathroom might play a vital part in this.


You must be able to open the bathroom door as widely as possible, in order to allow the chi to flow easily into and out of the bathroom. The wider the door opens, the better; and unfortunately, the reverse of this statement also stands true.


The tub and the shower are the most important features in your bathroom. Ideally, these should not be placed under a window and you should be able to see the door when you wash up.

Bathtubs that are placed under a window pose a problem, because as soon as the natural light of the sun’s chi enters the bathroom, the water will disperse it before it has a chance to move through the whole room. To prevent this from happening, put a mirror on the window sill such that the incoming chi may be reflected towards the ceiling, and then come back down to pervade the entire room.

Circular and oval-shaped tubs are auspicious, as their roundness makes them similar to a coin. This, coupled with water, represents money and creates a very good climate for attracting wealth and prosperity.

Lavatory Bowl/Bidet

The first thing you need to ensure is that these two objects have the same colour. This is generally the case, but if you have pieces of different colours, please change them or paint them in the same colour.
In case you decide to set up a new bathroom, here are the most auspicious areas for placing these objects.

· The bathtub or shower must be placed in the North for spiritual wealth, or the Southeast for material wealth. Don’t have them in the South, because this area pertains to the Fire element.
· The lavatory may be placed in the North for spiritual wealth, or any other area except the South or Southeast corners. The South belongs to the Fire element, so placing the lavatory bowl here means money “flowing down the drain”.


The more natural light you have in your bathroom, the better. The great majority of bathroom windows are opaque, but it is better to have see-through glass windows. See-through glass won’t disperse the solar chi as opaque glass does, and you want to have as much energy as possible in this room.


The sound of water flowing is usually enough to enhance the energy of this room, but using wind-chimes would also be a good idea. If you keep them in the North, which corresponds to the Water element, they will encourage spiritual development and progress in your career.


It’s a piece of cake to simulate different energies by using bathroom colours, as there are a host of objects in different colours that you can use. Bathroom fixtures for towels, toothbrushes, and so on are things that fit in naturally inside the bathroom, even if they are brightly coloured.

E.g. Use a purple towel fixture in the Southeast corner to stimulate wealth and creativity, or a pink fixture for the toilet paper or for the toothbrushes to improve the quality and tranquillity of your relationships.






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