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   The kitchen is a vital part of your home, as far as both health and wealth are concerned. Having a kitchen with a perfectly balanced Feng Shui will not only enhance the family members’ health, but it will also have a positive impact on their prosperity.
The belief at the bottom of this principle is that in the kitchen you prepare the food that makes people strong, so that they are able to work and gain financial benefits.

Wall Openings

Some kitchens don’t merge with other rooms. Rather, they have wall openings that help serve the food dishes directly to the living or dining rooms. The doors of these openings must be kept closed when not in use, in order to maintain the adequate chi of every room and to avoid creating imbalance.

The Stove

The stove is the most important thing in the kitchen, as this is where you cook your food. It should be placed in a way that allows you to see the door while you cook, and not be taken by surprise when someone comes in.
When you work on your stove you mustn’t feel confined or claustrophobic, because this means the chi does not move freely inside the kitchen.

The Microwave

Since most microwave ovens include a digital clock that works continuously, they use electricity all the time. This means you can use this device to provide an electrical stimulus in any area, around the clock.
E.g. If you place your microwave in the Southwest corner of your kitchen, it will automatically enhance relationships, tranquillity and practicality, so all these aspects of your life may improve.

The Refrigerator

Being an electrical device, the fridge should be placed in an area you want to enhance. E.g. If you want to encourage better relationships with your family as well as prosperity, you should keep it in the West. If, on the other hand, you want more peace or practical sense, then the best area for the refrigerator is in the Southwest.

The Sink

Positioning the sink is rather a matter of common practical sense, unless you want to have problems with the water pipes. Its ideal location is in the North, as the North corresponds to the Water element. Using the sink in the North area, given the abundance of water that the sink suggests, will bring you more peace and love, and will improve your career prospects.

The Washer

Feng Shui experts place the washer in the North area, unless the sink may be placed here. A washer introduces water movement and it is also an electrical device, so the chi will be enhanced even more.

Storage Space

Storage is essential to any kitchen, and it should be done by using cupboards with doors. This is because open shelves can get cluttered and obstruct the chi flow.

Interior Decorations

The kitchen should be a place that gives you a feeling of optimism, energy, and vitality. These are Yang qualities, so sharp angles and edges, rather than rounded shapes, should dominate, while the room should be well-lit and airy.
When decorating your kitchen, try to maintain a balance between the Wood and the Metal elements. A balanced kitchen containing both Wood and Metal in equal measures will balance the food you prepare here.


One of the major problems with kitchens is that they are generally quite cramped. Kitchens are no longer as spacious as they used to be, and this makes them darker and claustrophobic. This has a negative impact on the chi of this room, and consequently on the food you cook here.

Living Things

The best way to bring a kitchen to life is to grow herbs. Peppermint, parsley, basil, and many other herbs can be cultivated indoors, while some of them have sharp or spiky leaves that will contribute to enhancing the Yang energy of the room.


You can hang a clock in the kitchen to introduce movement. A metal clock will balance an excessively wooden environment and vice versa. But no matter what the clock is made of, it should be hung in an area you wish to stimulate.


Many household appliances are fuelled by electricity, so it’s not a problem to find such devices in order to enhance different areas. Microwave ovens, blenders, electrical teapots and other things are beneficial to the surrounding chi, so you can enhance all of the eight sectors by simply spreading household appliances all around the kitchen.


The kitchen should be predominantly Yang, so pick light colours. Avoid shades of blue, scarlet, and other similar colours, and try some very light pink or lavender. Pure white, though probably too Yang for any other room, can be used here to great effect, as it creates a feeling of space.














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