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   The Dog is the most endearing of all the signs in the horoscope. Dog people are spontaneous, thorough, and possessed of a keen spirit of justice. They have a noble and honest soul that keeps many evils at bay. They are quite reserved, so they’ll only reveal their troubles to their closest of friends. As they are cautious and meticulous, they’ll study even the slightest details and take them into account.

Their wit will lead them to tease others, and they are feared for their harsh and justified observations. They are pessimistic and can get bored of life from a very young age, coming to lower their life expectations. They seem to have a lot of cool, but they really don’t. They aren’t quite sure of their own feelings, much less other people’s. But they are loyal, faithful, and accommodating. They don’t really stand out in society, but that’s because they don’t want to.

As they are so obliging, they’ll do a lot for others, and sometimes even sacrifice themselves. They are able to forfeit their own goals for the benefit of others, and this is a quality no other animal sign possesses.

They’ll impart justice and defend it in any circumstance. They are big spenders, and they’ll buy a lot even if their financial situation is somewhat poor.

When in love, the male of the species is delicate, stylish, and perfectly chivalrous, and he will enchant his beloved with his elegant manners. Though he can love a woman to the point of worship, he won’t be very skilful in expressing his affections and emotions toward her. In fact, the more she’ll want him to express his feelings, the greater his inability to do so. However, deep inside him he’ll love her desperately. He is very tender and possessed of an amazing erotic imagination. He knows how to pamper his partner and he showers her with gifts that are always of a very good quality.

The Dog man respects traditions and morals; he is honourable and likes to help people. He has a strong sense of justice and is always willing to plead against wrongdoings. He is painstakingly thorough in everything he does. He is not very sociable or glamorous in society. But he is a good listener, exceptionally intelligent, and caring of other people’s troubles.
Others can count on a Dog guy to be there for them 24-7. He’ll never let them down, and never turn his back on them. He makes a good confidant, as he’ll never reveal any secret that’s passed on to him.
The Dog guy is an incredibly good companion, provided that he’s in a good mood. When panicked, he’ll become nervous and aggressive, and he’ll “bark” till his mouth goes dry. As long as you don’t step on his tail, but rather indulge, respect and encourage him, your Dog will be able to do some amazing feats, and he’ll be your best friend on the entire planet.

Regardless of the career he chooses in life, his ideals will be deep-seated and original. If his fears materialize, he will go a little out of his mind. In his relationships he’ll always be the one to give, while his partner will be on the receiving end. He is usually very generous and loyal, and he is honest and open in the love stakes.

The Dog-born can embark on any career successfully, but they can make fantastic lawyers, or court judges, or psychologists, as they have a deep-rooted sense of justice and they’re extremely objective. They can also be actors, teachers, priests, businesspeople, bankers, or industrialists.
The Dog lady is a warm person who’s friendly with her loved ones, but distant with the rest. She’s agreeable in society, and she knows how to make herself pleasant when she wants to. She has no prejudices or complexes whatsoever. She thoroughly enjoys open-air activities and gardening.
She is usually beautiful, sensuous, and very sensitive. She is always a smart dresser, but she prefers sporty styles.
She is prompt and quite aggressive to react when she is wronged, because she is a very objective person who hates injustice.
She makes an exquisite wife and mother. She gives her children a lot of freedom and helps them whenever they need her. But she is also drastic in enforcing order and discipline when necessary. She only displays great patience for her children and husband, whom she listens to very carefully and supports in anything they embark on.
She doesn’t make friends easily, because she first wants to study a person and figure out their character. But when she does make a friend, she can be sure they’ll be true. She wants her buddies to display a lot of integrity, flawless morals, and a keen sense of justice. Those who succeed in becoming her friends will benefit from her support wherever they may be. She’ll travel the world and face any obstacles, no matter how horrible, to help them and get them out of trouble.
She has a keen insight; she is able to sense dangers and consequently avoid them.
In love matters she is charming, tender, sensitive, and romantic. However she dislikes taking the initiative and doesn’t show much imagination, which might be boring to some men. She is capable of very strong feelings and emotions. She is difficult to please as a partner, and if her lover doesn’t satisfy her every whim she’ll either dump him with no show of regret or cheat on him unscrupulously. But if he meets her standards she’ll shower him with a total and unrestrained love, and she will make him happy.

Predictions for the DOG

The year 2006 will be a balanced year for the Dog. There will be no ups and downs. You’ll have to set achievable goals for yourself and follow them through conscientiously if you want to get outstanding results. Otherwise, your chances of making it big are dim this year.
The Dog man’s luck will increase as the year unfolds. You’ll have to depend mostly on yourself this year, because not many people will be willing to help you when you’re in trouble.



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