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   Tigers are energetic, dynamic people who always make it to the top. They are fearless and constantly admired for their courage. They will do all that is in their power in order to achieve their goals or whatever they think is good for them. Most of them are generous with those around them.
They are often highly-strung, swift and unpredictable. They ooze a strong magnetism, and their authority earns them a certain prestige. Their personality if full of contradictions: they alternate restlessness with calmness, and chilly distance with spiritual warmth.
They love adventure and excitement, and they’ll usually make their moves on their own. They enjoy hard work and they’re highly dynamic. If given a task, they’ll quickly see it through enthusiastically and effectively. What’s typical of Tiger people is that they are never unsympathetic of any person or any situation. On the contrary, they’ll experience the most different and even extreme emotions in a relatively short period of time.
They have a keen sense of humour which makes everybody like them. Most of the time Tigers will hold the leadership position, regardless of their career field.
The ladies are the most charming and hospitable guest entertainers, and they are marvellous homemakers, but they also find time for their social life. They are modern, free-thinking in their principles and actions, and very mindful of their appearance. They spend a lot of time in front of the mirror to fix up, and although their wardrobe is full-packed, they constantly complain they have nothing to wear. They aren’t prone to excess or to overindulgence in their love life. They are tranquil and they communicate this mood to their partner as well. They only let their feelings surface when they have to and when they deem it necessary. They are faithful and they’ll do anything to please their partner (IF he’s worth it).
Professionally, Tigers can make good lawyers, court judges, and diplomats. Or they can dedicate themselves to activities that have to do with the earth or with animals (animal training, veterinary medicine, animal science, etc.). They also like music and they are talented writers.

Predictions for the TIGER

The year 2006 is a year of development for Tigers. Everything will unfold according to your heart’s desire. If you hit an obstacle you’ll have many people by your side who’ll be willing to help solve your problems. This is a good year to make new friends or to expand your circle.
The Tiger guy will be especially fortunate this year. And as long as he’ll dedicate his energies to the goals he sets out for himself, he’ll achieve whatever he wants. The only thing is he needs to be humble to avoid hurting other people’s feelings. If he manages to seize the opportunities coming his way, he’ll climb big steps on the career ladder.
The Tiger lady isn’t as lucky as the male of the species, but nevertheless she too will have a good year in 2006. Those of them who already have a spouse will have a harmonious relationship this year and they’ll feel loved. Those who don’t have a partner yet will attract legions of admirers. Our advice for the latter category is not to rush into any decision but to allow themselves enough time when choosing a partner.
This is a good year for you professionally. You can even be a tad more aggressive and expand your business. Forget about conservatism and try out new ideas!
This will be a particularly auspicious year financially as well. You’ll make a lot of money and you’ll also earn good profits from your investments. However, you should try not to be greedy and to diversify your investments as much as possible.
Health won’t be very good this year; you’ll be vulnerable to all types of colds. Also, it would be a good idea for you this year to try and avoid playing rough sports all by yourself.


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