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    The oldest legends speak of Atlantis, where it would seem that the use of Crystals was adopted from the fabled Mu civilization. The people of Atlantis would use Quartz and other gems in order to channel and harness cosmic forces; to capture and store light; and then to use these as beacons, both for telecommunications and to communicate with their ancestors or other developed civilizations from the vastness of the Universe.

It is also said that Atlanteans used Crystals for a whole range of physical and psychological purposes, such as generating movement of transportation vehicles, lighting cities during the night, changing the weather conditions, etc. They are the ones who gave us the legacy of rods and diadems as Crystal-employing instruments.

(It is presumed that one of the things which caused the destruction of this legendary continent was the foul use of this sacred knowledge and a misuse of frightful forces for self-centred purposes.)

It is said that before Atlantis was destroyed, the uncorrupted sages wanted to preserve the knowledge of their civilization for posterity. They didn’t inscribe it in books for fear that these might be destroyed during the looming cataclysm. Instead, they crossed the Ocean towards East and West, thus passing on their knowledge about Crystals to Egypt, South America, and Tibet. (With the help of Crystal science) they built pyramids of a shape similar to the great temples in Atlantis. These pyramids were covered with Quartz tiles, which helped improve the connection between the Earth and the Cosmic Forces, while their shape allowed these high frequencies of the Universal Energy to be channelled towards our planet.

As the civilization began to decline, knowledge related to capturing and using these energies was hidden to an ever-greater extent from those corrupted, which led to what we now know as occult science. Yet as time went by, much of this knowledge was lost. That which was kept and survived was bits of information that would later flourish in different cultures and civilizations during the course of history. However, these were guarded by the great sages, while knowledge was passed on verbally from Master to disciple.

Later, we find in the Holy Bible, namely in the Book of Exodus (28, 15:28; and 39, 8:21), a description of the Breastplate of Judgement: “… thou shalt set in it settings of stones, even four rows of stones: the first row shall be a sardius, a topaz, and a carbuncle; this shall be the first row. And the second row shall be an emerald, a sapphire, and a diamond; and the third row a ligure, an agate, and an amethyst; and the fourth row a beryl and an onyx and a jasper. They shall be set in gold in their enclosings.” In the same chapter, verses 9:12, there is a note about “… two onyx stones… upon the shoulders of the ephod…”
Also from the Exodus we learn about the use of a Crystal tool, namely the Rod: “And Moses stretched forth his rod toward heaven; and the Lord sent thunder and hail…” (Exodus 9, 23). Or “… thy rod… take in thy hand; … thou shalt smite the rock and there shall come water out of it…” (Exodus 17, 5:6).

In the Middle Ages again we come across information about the use of crystals, from the legends of King Arthur and those of Merlin. According to tradition, King Arthur’s famed sword – the Excalibur – was invincible because it had a Crystal set in its hilt. As for Merlin, there are vague hints that he might have used the Crystal Sphere and had access to Atlantean science (the Power Rod); but nothing precise can be ascertained from that period.

Closer to our times, it seems both Paracelsus and Nostradamus used the Crystal Sphere. It is said of Nostradamus that he kept his Sphere on a copper tripod and activated it with the help of an Atlantean rod.

Older astrology works that were written in Sanskrit and date approximately since the year 400 BC spoke about the origins and power of stones. They advise luck-forsaken people to wear different types of Gems to suppress the evil influences of the planets.
Many therapeutic practices of ancient cultures include wearing charms and amulets around the neck that are made of different Gems, according to one’s ailment. Ancient Romans also used Gems for their positive effect on the body. We find in Roman and Greek writings countless referrals to crystal charms designed to preserve good health, to protect, and to attract virtues.

The Mayans, as well as other Native American populations, used Crystals both for diagnosis and for healing. In old villages of their geographic area, people would use large Quartz Crystals in order to visualize Time and Space.

House Protection

We can make sure our house is protected by using a Crystal cluster of 6 to 8in (15 to 20cm) that we have “programmed” for this purpose. We place this in the foyer or in the living-room.
If we have little children, we can place a small Crystal cluster next to their bed to protect them from evil beings and from nightmares, as well the so-called evil eye.
We must make absolutely sure that this cluster isn’t cracked or chipped.

The Quartz Crystal

   Quartz is made of crystallized silicon dioxide (SiO2), and it is found in nature with different levels of clarity. It is one of the main components in primary rocks such as gneiss, micaschists, and granite.
Silicon dioxide is found in nature in three polymorphous crystalline forms, as well as different microcrystalline or amorphous forms. The three crystalline forms are Quartz, Tridymite, and Cristobalite.
Quartz Crystals are frequently found in the proximity of volcanic and primary rocks. They can often be very large in size – more than 3ft (1m) in length. They are generally formed under pressure, through a process of crystallization of the so-called mesothermal solutions that are saturated with silicon dioxide. The process is extremely slow. It is estimated that thousands of years are necessary for the deposit of barely a few millimetres of SiO2.
The deposit of trigonal SiO4 crystals usually takes the shape of a spiral. It is believed that clockwise-spiral deposits are typical of the northern hemisphere, while counter-clockwise spirals appear in the southern hemisphere.
Colourless Quartz is also known as the “rock crystal” or the “Maramures Diamond”. Due to the presence of (usually metallic) impurities, there are also coloured Quartz varieties. Thus Amethyst owes its violet tinge to traces of iron; rose Quartz is coloured by manganese or titanium; and smoky Quartz contains different radioactive minerals.

Quartz generally appears as a hexagonal, prismatic crystal structure that is pointed at the end. There are usually three sides that reach the pointed end (and form heptagons), while the other three sides form smaller triangles. The size of these crystals may vary in length from a few millimetres up to several meters. They are most often found as crystal clusters, also known as “mine flowers”. These are concrescences of several crystals that stem from a common basis and can often include other minerals such as pyrite, tourmalines, metals (copper), or semiprecious stones.
The members of such a “flower” are like a family of crystals, each with its own energetic and vibrational pattern that is harmoniously in tune with the vibrations of the other crystals, as in an orchestra. They emanate their energy spontaneously, and thus charge each other.
When Quartz crystals grow in a bed of clay, they take the form of macles or “twin crystals”. A macle is a twinning of at least two individual crystals of identical composition. A recent category of macles that is rarely mentioned in current literature is represented by the twin crystals found in Ocna de Fier by collector Constantin Gruescu. These are unique in the world.
In Romania, Quartz Crystals are found in the Mts. Metaliferi and Mts. Apuseni region, as well as in Baia Mare. They generally appear in areas where ferrous or non-ferrous minerals are also present.
The most famous Quartz Crystals in the world come from the country of Brazil and the state of Arkansas, USA.


Aries – Diamond

Taurus – Emerald

Gemini – Pearls, Selenite, Alexandrite

Cancer – Ruby

Leo – Peridot, Sardonyx

Virgo – Sapphire

Libra – Opal, Tourmaline

Scorpio – Topaz, Citrine

Sagittarius – Turquoise, Zirconia

Capricorn – Garnet

Aquarius – Amethyst

Pisces – Aquamarine, Hematite

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