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The Career Sector

This is the energy centre of your career, and at the same time it is the path of life. Our job is an important part of our lives, as we spend so much time performing it. Your career carries you along the path of your life. You will not eagerly pick a career you don’t like. What do you really want to do? What is important to you? Is this in accordance with the goals you set out for yourself?
• Are your interests the same both at work and in your spare time?
• Does your career reflect the type of person you really are?
• Do you truly like your work? And do you enjoy going to work?
• Does your work bring satisfaction to you and your family?

Depending on the moment in life you are currently experiencing, this input can bear different meanings. At university, survival could mean having enough money to pay the rent, buy your books, and drink a beer or go to a club on weekends. The path of life in that moment is clear: it’s passing your examinations. As you move forward in life, your life path and that which constitutes survival change. Survival could then mean providing for your children or parents, while the path of life could mean finding a job you like instead of one that pays better. After you retire, your path can lead you to becoming the best chess player or the spokesperson of an elderly group that society close their eyes to.
Operate the Feng Shui changes that are needed in order to reflect that which you want to do or to develop.
Here are some suggestions to help you in your career.
- Hang a mirror here to reflect your own individual path.
- A small drum in this area will remind you to keep the pace in your own career.
- Wise words will remind you of your true path.
- A painting of a beautiful river or of a boat sailing on steady waters will symbolize heading in the right direction.


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