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   The Boar personality is marked by honesty and trust, and the Boar person will get along with mostly everybody. They are kind, compassionate, humorous people who avoid conflict situations. They need to have people around them and, above all, they enjoy the good life.

They are very skilled and cunning in business and financial matters. They are robust and peace-loving. Even if not everything comes out the way they’d like, they are tenacious and will often pick themselves up even from the hardest of falls. People who meet a Boar are invariably impressed by the Boar’s integrity, cleverness, and amiability. If they use their talents wisely, Boars can achieve many things in life. They will also be loved and respected by many for their humanity and generosity.
They aren’t superficial in the least bit. They tend to always speak their mind, and this – sometimes harsh – sincerity can also entail negative impressions and remarks. Their favourite surroundings are small social circles. They enjoy travelling, which allows them to make discoveries about other people and their lives.

They can achieve a lot of things during their active and rich lives, though some of their character traits might pose some hindrance. If they can control their weaknesses, they will have outstanding achievements. Sometimes they get over-involved in their own activities. Though they may want to live up to the expectations, they’d stand to win from a more thorough discipline and systematic organization. Prioritizing is crucial in busy times. They shouldn’t let others take advantage of their kindness. It would be better for them to show more discrimination. They often pay dearly for their own naïveté. Fortunately, they learn from their mistakes. However, they are stubborn – and if a novel situation doesn’t fit their plans or way of thinking, they can become inflexible. This attitude is no good for them.

In their profession they always hold on to a tad of mistrust, so they mostly rely on themselves. Their fairness can be counted on. Stubbornness is the main cause which leads them to follow their tasks through. As they grow older they’ll stay open to new ideas, and they’ll be supportive – especially of the younger generation.

Predictions for the BOAR

The Dog year will be a year of devoted relationships for the Boar person. You’ll have a chance to rediscover yourself (and this will be quite an advantage for you in the future), to initiate long-term relationships, and to improve your relations with your family.
Try to be more optimistic about your career. Your persistence will pay off. You may not always achieve what you set out to do, but you’ll certainly have your opportunity to make some important breakthroughs. The key to making it professionally is to better yourself.
You’ll earn good money, but you’re also in luck: it’s likely you’ll receive a windfall – either as a bonus, as a donation, as a contest prize, etc.



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