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Who Can Practise Feng Shui / Vas Tu?

(...some personal opinions regarding Feng Shui art that I trust will be useful to those who intend to follow this path)

If we want to practise Feng Shui art we needn’t necessarily be architects or interior decorators. We needn’t necessarily be landscape architects or philosophers. In fact, there are no prerequisites whatsoever for practising Feng Shui or Vas Tu. All we need is to have an immensely positive attitude and to be willing to accept other people’s side of the truth. I say this because the Feng Shui and Vas Tu arts are deeply rooted in philosophical and mystical systems that were developed long before the dawn of Christianity. Hence we can come across practices, rituals, and traditions pertaining to paganism or to polytheism. If we can look beyond the surface, we’ll be able to perceive the essence of these age-old arts. This way, we’ll be able to create harmony and balance in our surroundings. The practitioners of this system have a few things in common, regardless of their origin, culture, religion, or race.
- They are open to accepting the values and traditions of cultures other than their own;

- They are willing to try alternative and complementary forms of therapy;

- They share the conviction that between people and nature there is an ancestral bond;

- They believe in God or in some form of Benevolent Divinity;

- They think harmony is the key factor to preserving good health;

- They believe they can change their destiny if they adopt the right attitude;

- They believe they are free to do whatever they want as long as they’re not hurting others;

- They accept the middle path and abide by the “golden rule”.

Beyond this, it is self-evident that practising Feng Shui art implicitly entails a change in our perception of diseases, of people, of the society we live in, and of everyday life… Knowledge often brings Sadness with it. Not always can the Truth be happily looked upon.



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