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    We all know that in some areas we feel better, more relaxed, and more peaceful; while in others, no matter how much we’d like to we cannot get any rest, and we wake up feeling more fatigued than before. Today, we all know that geopathogenic energy influences can affect the human body and cause serious degenerative diseases. The negative impact of Hartmann energy bands meeting points, of water streams, or of subterranean high-voltage power lines can affect us; and it significantly adds to cancer risk factors. Judging by the influences earth signals had on people from ancient times, it seems these were known to the ancients. There are written sources that testify to the importance dowsing practices were thought to have back then. (In some sources there are notes about well sinkers or geomants).
Thus in ancient China, nearly 4,000 years ago the emperor Yu (founder of the Hia dynasty; 2205-2197 BC) is depicted in one image while holding a shaft that’s similar to the rod. Ancient texts depict emperor Yu as being well versed in finding ore-beds and subterranean water sources. In the same period and also in China, when people wanted to build a house they would consult with a geomant, who would determine the best location for their future residence. The geomant would use a hazelnut rod, and the place where this rod stopped spinning or moving in any way was deemed to be the best place for making a home. They say that Moses found the stream in the rock also by using a rod. In time, dowsing tools began to be improved. This is how the pendulum, the L-rod, the U-rod, and many other instruments appeared. Their use helped discover subterranean water streams, ore-beds, substances, or metals. When you want to use dowsing for building a home, the first step is to determine the trajectory of subterranean water flows that might inflict a negative chi on the residents. Then you determine the best location possibilities, the length and width of the house, and environment features such as trees, ornaments, flower beds, the location of the water well, and its depth depending on groundwater level. Now you set the best date to start building the house – i.e. dig the foundation – which also determines the birth year of the house. The best date for laying the roof prism, as well as for moving in is also considered.


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