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The Love & Marriage Sector

Popular books on psychology are full-packed of advice on how to find the right partner, but marriage is much more than that. First of all, we must get along with our own selves before plunging head-first in a long-term relationship. It is just as important to nurture a relationship in its times of difficulty (and these are bound to happen; it’s in the cycles of the world), and also to celebrate it in its times of joy.

• Before you try to find a partner or to “change” the one you’ve got, you need to ask yourself, “Have I made enough efforts to change myself?”
• Do you expect more from your better half than you are willing to give?
• Do you have equal moments of romance, fun, sex, listening, love, and alone time in your relationship?
• Are you in a relationship (or after a whole series of relationships) that doesn’t (didn’t) allow you to fully express yourself?
• Are you in a solid, loving relationship? Even if you are, it still needs to be taken care of and nurtured if you want it to grow!
This is the area of partnerships. What kind of relationships do you want to have or to develop in your life? Is it friendships? Love relationships? Business partnerships? Then the solutions you pick must reflect your choice. Here are some suggestions regarding partnerships and the cures you can apply.
- Buy a settee for two. This needs to be upholstered with a soft material that’s pleasant to the touch.
- A bronze sculpture of two touching hands could symbolize a strong love bond.
- A dancing girl image made of porcelain could symbolize freedom and a carefree life.
- Place an artistic photo of a couple walking hand in hand on the beach.
- Hang a painting of two friends quietly fishing in harmony to reflect a friendship as it unfolds.
- Find a pair of metal or ceramic candlesticks to suggest making light and sharing the same space together.



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