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   The sign of the Snake governs the most powerful people of all the signs of the horoscope. Snakes have an outstanding self-control and are possessed of a keen intellect. You’ll never be able to predict their moves. They are permanently prepared for any situation, no matter how difficult or uneasy it may be, and they are adept at hiding their frame of mind.
In Asia, the snake is one of the most revered animals, and the sign of the Snake is deemed to have karmic implications. The life of a Snake person may either end in perfect glory or quite the opposite, in the whirlpool of a great tragedy – but never somewhere in between. They say that bringing a Snake child into the world is a great honour and privilege, and the parents will be rewarded with a carefree old age. Snakes can make excellent sportspeople, pilots, soldiers, or sailors. Their mind is quick and sharp, and they have the reflexes to match it. People born under this sign prove to have a lot of tactfulness and common sense. They are extremely determined in their activities. They do not hesitate, for they carefully analyze any course of action before embarking on it. They almost always reach their goals, because they pursue them with unspeakable diligence.

The lady Snake is very graceful, charming, and possessed of an astonishing magnetism. She takes great care of herself and wears mostly classical, very elegant and tasteful outfits.

She has high standards when choosing a life partner, and she’ll always pick the man who’ll be able to provide her with a tranquil and carefree life. She will support him in all of his projects and ensure his success... so that he may indulge all of her whims.

Beneath her distant veneer, the Snake lady is a very warm, affectionate, sensitive, and sensuous woman. When she finally chooses a partner, he can rest assured the time spent with her will be unforgettable. She is able to display very strong feelings and passions and to offer to her partner a love that’s magical, devoted, and sublime. She is very imaginative. Every time she’ll present her partner with something new, because she utterly hates routine and monotony.

Predictions for the SNAKE

The Snake-born will have a tranquil year in 2006. You’ll just have to grab the opportunities coming your way, without ever being in need of asking for one.
For the male of the species, luck will be neither good nor bad. He’ll have to take the initiative, set goals for himself and actively pursue them. There will be people willing to help him when he asks for support. The Snake lady will have an auspicious year with promotions in her career. Should you come across any hindrance, you’ll be able to ask your partner for help.
Professionally, you’ll reap what you’ve been sowing. You won’t be offered tremendous opportunities, but you needn’t worry. All you have to do is to complete your work tasks. This way, your superiors will acknowledge your achievements by year end.



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