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   The Monkey-born are possessed of a much-above-average intelligence, and they find something to be enthused about in anything they undertake. They’re full of energy, which leads them to get involved in several activities at once; and they are more than capable to see all of them through. They are experts in fixing problems because they’re so quick-minded, and insightful, and exceptionally objective.
Due to their exquisite innate cleverness, and also to their skill and cunningness, Monkeys can be successful in just about any career. They can do extremely well in acting, journalism, philology, law, and medicine; but they can also make exceptional diplomats, politicians, businesspeople, or CEO’s.

Monkey folks are especially creative, talented, and bright. They are cheerful, loving people who always make a good impression in society.

At any party, the centre of attention is usually a Monkey person. Their special brand of charm and their quality humour are the key to their popularity. Even if they feel others let them down sometimes, they'll never let that show, as they are very diplomatic. They’ll masterfully hide everything behind a mask.

Monkey persons are good listeners who always make time for others and will never let other people down, because they’re extremely selfless.

They are able to find the best solution in record-time. They are very curious and thirsty for knowledge by nature. They have great powers of persuasion, and can easily convince people around them that they are right and they are doing the right thing. Some people say Monkeys are self-centred opportunists, but Monkeys couldn’t care less. What others say makes no impression on them.

Monkeys have big chances of becoming famous. No matter what they do, their charisma and good luck will help them climb the social and corporate ladder really fast. As friends, Monkeys are loyal and dedicated.

They have a knack of making themselves needed. No one can stay angry for too long with a person born under this sign, even if they lost something because of them. Monkeys are extremely versatile and possess a boundless amount of knowledge in every field.

The Monkey lady is very natural, cheerful, funny, independent and seductive. She is highly pragmatic, and she fulfils her household chores and work tasks with the utmost effectiveness. She is very selfless and has a great many friends.
She is the perfect host. Her doors are always open; she enjoys having guests come over and treats them with the utmost consideration.
She really likes parties, whether she organizes them or friends invite her. She is very elegant, well-groomed, and up-to-date with the latest fashion trends. She takes great care of her appearance. She makes the time to go to salons and have her hair, make-up, and nails done.

The Monkey lady studies a lot, reads books, and broadens her prospects by constantly gathering knowledge in all fields.

She is a friend in need and in deed. She is able to solve any problem, no matter how complicated, due to her sharp mind, and cunningness, and exceptional intuition.

She makes a great mother who will give in to her children’s hearts’ desires, but will also know how to instil order and discipline when necessary.
She’ll always know every step of what she needs to do, while her moves are thoroughly calculated and studied, so she’ll make very few mistakes. She is highly independent and doesn’t like to have her freedom curtailed. She is very creative and makes something of value out of very little. This talent ensures her complete and utter success in any profession she chooses.

She is very skilful in hiding her feelings and inner emotions. You’ll only know what a Monkey thinks when she wants you to. She is a woman who thinks objectively, is possessed of a great strength of character, and never steps out of line. She can figure out a person’s character from the very first meeting; and she is never wrong.

As for her private life, she is faithful to one single partner. She matures very early emotionally.
She never compromises in the love stakes. She loves her partner and gives herself to him completely.

Predictions for the MONKEY

The year 2006 is a lucky year for the Monkey-born. You will be able to achieve the goals you work for. Many opportunities are there for the taking; you just need to spot them and seize them. If you do, you will enjoy the results you’ll achieve by year end.
The male of the species will be very fortunate indeed. If you set an attainable goal for yourself you’ll be able to materialize it. However, this is a year when you’ll attract a lot of gossip from people jealous of your performances. Try not to boast too much, in order to avoid being stabbed in the back by the rumour-mongers.
The Monkey lady will be even luckier than her male counterpart. You will have harmony in your love relationship and achievements in your career.
Monkey persons will be fortunate professionally. Chances are you’ll get that promotion. Businesspeople will obtain good profits this year. You will however hit some obstacles along the way of business expansion. Try to get some advice from your mentors.
Health will be good this year, and you won’t catch any serious disease. Even if you do get sick, you’ll be quick to recover. Try not to strain yourself at work and find time to relax.
In the love stakes, married Monkeys will have a good relationship, loving couples will tie the knot this year, and single folks will find their better half.


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