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   The Rooster-born are people who like to be in the limelight and respond well to compliments – even unsubstantiated ones. Another basic trait of theirs is keen observation skills, which in their case are actually more of a sixth sense. They make extremely accurate observations. They aren’t complicated natures, nor are they very deep characters. They have nothing to hide. On the contrary, they wear their heart on their sleeve. Maybe sometimes they stand to lose because of this excessive earnestness. They enjoy a tremendous popularity, as they are unbelievably sociable and love to be given attention.
They like to dress in a slightly extravagant style. They are showy and beautiful. They are conservative in love matters, and they exert great powers of seduction on those around them.
The Rooster-born are cautious, incredulous, and possessed of an innate insightfulness. Due to these qualities they can make good detectives, doctors, or nurses. They always know what they need to do; their mind is sharp and their judgement is clear. They are quite observant, and their discrimination powers are enviable. They need to keep busy all the time. You’ll never catch a Rooster relaxing in their living room while reading their newspaper. They are very talented, so they can forge a career in many fields. They are proud and dignified. They can do a lot of work and never complain; they are good organizers or managers of their own wealth. They’ll never experience financial difficulties, because they handle their money with the utmost effectiveness.
They are very preoccupied with and pay much attention to their appearance. They mind what they wear and how they look. They may seem conservative, but their look is one of their foremost priorities. They can spend whole hours in front of a mirror, and a fortune on clothes. Their favourites are expensive and top-quality outfits. This doesn’t mean they don’t care about money. On the contrary, they’ll go to several stores to find their quality stuff, and they’ll only pick those items that have the lowest price tag – even if the difference is microscopic.

The male of the species will make a good impression wherever he may go. He is proud, courageous, and attractive. He always wears smart, exorbitant outfits that show remarkable good taste. He can easily seduce any woman. He’ll project the image of a very self-assured man, but he really is not. His ego is colossal and he likes to have his vanity tickled, especially by the ladies. Nothing can bring him more pleasure than compliments. The Rooster guy has an exceptional memory. No detail escapes him, and he has great powers of concentration. He constantly educates himself, and he wants to accumulate as much knowledge in as many fields as possible. He is self-taught; and he’ll masterfully put into practice all he will have learned.

The Rooster lady is usually energetic, tidy, organized and very amiable with everyone. She is efficient in all of her endeavours. She takes exquisite care of the home, and makes an exceptional wife.

Predictions for the ROOSTER

The year 2006 won’t be too auspicious for the Rooster-born. They’ll tend to argue with others many times, and they’ll hit all kinds of obstacles along the way of their profession. They’ll have to project a more humble and selfless image if they want others to help them. Overall, your problems will have to do with timing and choosing the right period to act, with your useless waste of energy, and the consequential poor results.
Your career will involve massive amounts of work with tight deadlines, and also stress. You’ll be able to get through all this only if you make an effort to keep your cool.
As for your finances, though you’ll be working hard you’ll barely be able to cover your expenses. So you’ll have to do overtime and take care not to overspend.
Your health will be poor in the first half of the year, but you’ll get better in the second half. It’s a good idea that you exercise regularly to keep in shape.
In love matters, married Roosters will have a balanced relationship. There will be the occasional misunderstanding, but only over minor issues. Those who aren’t married will get many chances to meet their better half this year.



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