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   By studying the art of Feng Shui we gain access to a special philosophy that is based mainly on the culture and traditions of Asian civilizations. This derives from a principle which says that any shape generates a certain type of energy. The art of Feng Shui thus provides us with ways to live in a state of balance with the environment, as the purpose of this art is to restore the balance of the energy flow in our lives.
Feng Shui principles are based on the study of the primordial forces that are generated by Yin and Yang energies, and the study of the eight trigrams and of the five energies. But it can also give us a shamanic vision, in which places and forms of relief, for instance, were likened with different mythical animals or magical creatures.
We could say about Feng Shui that it is firstly a complex art through which the power of several metaphysical philosophies is revealed, while the values of these philosophies are uniquely combined and their final result is genuine, beneficial changes, both energetically and in the physical or material realm. These changes include attracting health and prosperity, as well as creating a general state of peace and harmony.
The benefits of Feng Shui are tremendous. Applying its principles can help us in all areas of life, with no pain, simply and effectively. But let us not forget that the art of Feng Shui remains an ancient art that is based on traditions, and its practice was often intertwined with Paganism and Polytheism, due firstly to its roots – that are older than the Christian Religion – and, of course, to its geographic location. I wish to emphasize this fact because anyone who aspires to the knowledge of this art will need to be tolerant and accept the truth as seen by other cultures and civilizations also. Anyone who picks up a book about Feng Shui will be faced – since they read the very first lines – with a different approach to the principles of life and death, to the value of the good-and-evil concept.
The environment a person lives in is often a result of the emanation of their thoughts and actions, as a response to the problems that occur in everyday life. In other words, we could say that attitude makes the future. This is why the environment may be considered as being a mirror; and when changes occur, like any mirror it can offer us a clear picture of what needs to be transformed in order for balance and creative harmony to be restored.
The supporting principle of the Feng Shui art is this: small changes in our environment can sometimes have a dramatic impact on our entire lives. This is not because of superstition or heresy, but because it really changes the quality of the energy flowing around us, in us, and through us. Should we still wish to search for a more or less scientific basis, let’s say that we can see the human body by approaching it strictly according to the principles of Energetics. These are typical of homeopathy, and they are actually the same principles which underpin all other forms of eastern traditional medicine.


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