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In addition to the courses specific to Feng Shui and Vas Tu arts, we periodically organize courses on the subject of esoteric sciences, as well as alternative or complementary medicine. These courses aim at personal self-development, both spiritually and – principally – in terms of bettering one’s health. With the utmost respect for those who wish to register for these courses, I ask to make their acquaintance before we meet in class, as this serves to establish better communication.

You can obtain additional information as well as make Appointments to participate in our courses by calling +4 021-224.01.56 (available Monday to Friday, between and hrs. EET); +4 0756.93.93.93 or 0744.301.389 or email adress Appointments should be made at least a month before the approximate date the next course takes place.

SELF-CONTROL (Multi-level course)

Method received from dr. Dan SERACU

Level I (lasts two days, each day of five up to seven hours)

Breathing. Entering the ALFA state. The Travel. The Laboratory... The AKASHA Library. The GUIDES. The Past.

Through the method of self-control you will be able to learn how to use your subconscious mind to consciously program and control your life. You will be able to learn how to use your brain for: falling asleep at a given hour you need to; waking up at a certain hour; staying awake or in a state of dormancy; curing aches and pains (for example headaches); solving sudden, unexpected problems; giving up some vices; easily memorizing long lists of different issues; learning more efficiently; correcting any negative change appeared in your body; simultaneously coupling both sides of the brain for handling a task; improving creativity and receptivity; helping others in case of sickness.

 CRYSTAL THERAPY (two levels)

Level I (The course lasts an average of six up to eight hours and can be considered a weekend course. It is taught in two formats: fully on Friday (courses from 12.00 to 16.00 hrs.; a break from 16.00 to 16.20 hrs.; and courses from 16.20 to 20.30 hrs.), or during two days, preferably at the end of the week: Friday (classes from 16.00 to 20.00 hrs.) and Saturday (classes from 14.00 to 18.00 hrs.).

Introduction to the World of Crystals

Includes – Presenting each crystal individually and its use as an activator or for protection.

- How to choose a crystal,

- Means and methods of cleansing,

- How to Charge your crystals,

- Forms of Programming,

- Deleting programs.

Level II (The class takes about seven hours; it is a one day course, with a little break). It is required that you have graduated Level I.

Includes: - Meditating with the aid of crystals,

- Entering the Crystal,

- The Travel,

- Meeting of the Guides

The crystals can be called “computers upon bearer”, as they can absorb energies on command, store and release them when required. It is because of their resemblance to computers that they also need a clear, logical entry to be made, in order to be able to provide a suitable output. Unlike computers – which we are used to – in the case of Crystals we don’t need special languages, as their programming is made by means of common mental images, or Thought-Forms. The purpose of the Quartz arrangements that will be presented here is to help a suffering person heal themselves and mobilize their forces to re-balance the energetic level of their body.

USUI & TIBETAN REIKI  (four levels: Level I, Level II, Level III, and MASTER Level). The initiation from an inferior level to a superior one will never happen in the same day. My current practice is to let at least three days!!! pass between levels I and II, and at least (in exceptional cases!!!) two weeks between levels II and III. At least two months should pass between levels III and MASTER. For those in a rush, there are other options available, including contacting Dr. Dragoº Argeºanu, where it is customary to be initiated in more levels in the same day. Good luck!  

Reiki is a Japanese stress-reducing, relaxing, and, at the same time, healing technique. It helps in the actual curing of all diseases and wounds, including multiple sclerosis; heart disease and cancer; as well as problems of the skin; cuts; bruises; broken bones; headaches; colds; flues; throat aches; sun burns; exhaustion; insomnia; and impotence. It is always beneficial and it works to improve the effectiveness of all other therapies. Treatment is felt like a wonderful emission of brightness and has many benefits for the client, as well as for the practitioner, including positive states of knowledge and spiritual experiences.

Reiki works in harmony with all the other types of allopathic or alternative treatments.

KARUNA REIKI (four levels: Level I, Level II, Level III, and MASTER Level)

This is a more complex Reiki system, and can only be accessed after graduating at least level III in any other known Reiki system. These are the demands of its creator, Master William Lee Rand. This is the only course where you can be awarded an international diploma, countersigned by William Lee Rand himself. The diplomas obtained within the other courses are graduate degrees offered by us, without a prior recognition of the State Ministries of Education or Labour.


 It includes relaxation, cleansing, and protection techniques, as well as energetic techniques that are specific to martial arts and Chi Kung (Qi Qong).

DOWSING (three levels)

Instruments: pendulums, hazelnut rods, L-rods, U-rods, PROTRACTORS;

Level I

- Incursion to the Unseen World

- History

- Sources of Telluric Signal (springs, Hartmann Bands)

 Level II

- Bio-pathogenic disturbances, 

 - Plant ailments,

- Incursion to the Biotic,

- Animals,

- Treatments

Level III

- Noetic beings,

- Counteracting Evil Spaces,

- Evil Noetic Energies

- Beneficial Energies.

Through the of practice of Dowsing we come to discover that we change spiritually or in our body structure; we change our way of thinking, our interaction with life; we become more open and we „realize” that we are and we have a potential to achieve more than meets the eye. For this we call upon Images, which can suggest infinitely more than words; through them a transfer is made, the biofields that surround every human being are activated; through them we can discover and access the unknown realities from within our inner being. Dowsing appeals a lot to our imagination that is guided through images, but also to one of our senses – namely, to our touch.

Thus we can build TFs (Thought-Forms) with a medical purpose or for different life situations; we can know ourselves and those around us better; we can quantize other’s actions or intentions. We must realize that we possess amazing resources and reserves that we haven’t yet explored and aren’t aware of, but we can be sure that – in extreme situations – these will help us survive the moment. Basically, Dowsing helps us “touch” our limits.





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