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   The living room of any household is the place where family members spend a lot of time together. It is the place where relationships are developed and problems are solved. Many people see this part of the house as a personal refuge from the world at large, a place where everyday stress can be forgotten. This is why the climate here must be relaxing and harmonious, so that family relationships may go smoothly.

The Ceiling

Chi echoes from the ceiling to the people inside the room, so unless the ceiling is levelled, the chi that rebounds from it might determine negative events to occur.
Let us examine for instance a ceiling with beams. Decorative beams give a very traditional feeling of “warmth” to a room, but they very much interrupt the chi flow, while the angles and edges they create can make the energy bounce back quite abruptly towards the room’s occupants. This creates a feeling of discomfort, and most people can’t relax in such an environment.
Slanted ceilings pose the same problem. The chi here is also reflected in inadequate angles, thus creating an unpleasant climate that can even feel cumbersome.

Where to Place the Sofas and Armchairs

Wherever you locate the sofa and armchairs, you must envisage a rounded contour, rather than an angular shape. Having too much Yang (too many angles) in this room won’t allow for a relaxing climate. The popularity nowadays of furniture with a lot of edges goes against Feng Shui principles.

The Fireplace

Don’t place chairs or sofas directly facing the fireplace, as this obstructs chi movement to and from the fireplace. Place them diagonally or in an L-shaped arrangement.

The Television

The TV and the video player are electrical devices, so they should be located in the area you want to enhance. Placing the TV in the Southeast part of the room will support wealth and prosperity. In the Southwest it will bring good partnership relations. In the North it gives us motivation and a sense of meaning, and so on.

The Coffee Table

The coffee table must have an auspicious Feng Shui shape, i.e. it must be circular, square, or rectangular. Many people have this table in the centre of the room, but as I said before, the middle area of a home or of a room must be kept as uncluttered as possible. My advice is that you keep the coffee table in a corner of the room, and possibly move it to the centre only when you are using it.
If however you have a coffee table in the middle of the room, keep a vase with flowers on it, so that the auspicious chi in the centre may be stimulated by flower energy.


Having different shapes and sizes, books can very much impede the chi flow if placed on an open shelf. This is why you must avoid keeping bookshelves in areas that people occupy. Or better yet, keep your books in bookcases with glass or metal doors.

Interior Decorations

When decorating a room, try to keep the balance in everything. Balance off edges with rounded shapes, light with shadows, and rough surfaces with soft materials (cushions). Thus Yin will be in harmony with Yang, and the people living there will be able to relax fully, which will lead to a better communication in the family and to happiness.
Images of nature’s landscapes or living beings (swimming fish, for instance) are a good idea for the living room, as they symbolize nature’s chi and induce a feeling of peace and harmony.


Make ample use of natural light. Draw the curtains open during the day and place a crystal or a mirror next to the window, in order to attract more light. Avoid strong artificial lighting such as fluorescent lamps, as these bring very much Yang chi that gets dispersed throughout the room and creates a feeling of uneasiness. Use standard lights or table lamps to make the room feel more relaxed during the evening. Thus you’ll have a bigger amount of Yin energy, and you and your family will be able to quickly release the day’s stress.


Many people complain there’s a lack of communication in their families. In most cases, their culprit is the TV set, which is kept on even when no one is watching any particular show. The constant noise coming from the TV impedes the chi of the room to settle quietly, and this means that no significant communication can be reached between the room’s occupants.
To create balance to a certain extent in this situation, you should avoid keeping the TV running when you’re not really watching any particular show. This will allow the chi to settle and you to open pathways of communication between yourself and the rest of your family.


Plants with round, glossy leaves are great for the living room. When placed in the corners of the room, they stimulate lazy chi and infuse the whole climate with a healthy dose of life and vitality. A plant kept by the window will attract more chi to the room, but you must make sure you turn the pot 180 degrees every day, for the plant to grow unvaryingly.


Clocks that have visibly moving parts are the best way to enhance the chi. Keep one in the area you wish to stimulate and it will ensure you have movement 24/7, thus leading to an increased amount of chi. A clock in the South area will bring personal energy, while a clock in the Northwest area will support responsibility and leadership.












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