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   The Rabbit is one of the most understated signs in the entire horoscope. Rat people are usually very sociable, kind, amiable, charming, and popular. They make pleasant companions and know how to get under people’s skin. No one will be able to brush them off.

Their home is usually decorated in extremely good taste, as Rabbits are possessed of a keen artistic sense. They are smart dressers who only wear top-quality clothing.

They are traditional and very composed. This makes it difficult for anyone to send them flying off the handle. They dislike quarrelling and aspire to a calm and peaceful life.
They are sentimental and compassionate of their peers. They are impressionable and deeply moved by their own and other people’s problems, so they support others both morally and financially. They are big spenders because they enjoy shopping for all kinds of things, whether they can make use of them or not.

Rabbits always do a lot of thorough thinking before embarking on any project. They are never quick to make their move; rather, they analyze everything from a whole bunch of angles.
The male of the species is the luckiest person in the entire horoscope. He enjoys longevity and good health. He is usually a tranquil and composed man who doesn’t get involved in conflicts or controversial situations. He loves comfort – not only of a material, but also of a psychological nature – so he doesn’t clog his memory with potentially stressful or distracting things.
The Rabbit guy is amiable, elegant, and kind-hearted. He is willing to help any and all who ask for his assistance. He is exceptionally generous. Since he is such a good conversationalist, dislikes conflict, and is possessed of much tactfulness, he can make a brilliant diplomat.
His home life is usually peaceful, with no quarrels or tense situations. He’ll create a climate of special comfort and decorate his home with a lot of tastefulness and style, using top-quality items and strictly original works of art.
His judgement is clear; he is very objective and remarkably conscientious in everything he does. He gets easily upset, especially when he is wronged. In such moments he’ll become impenetrable and introverted, and he’ll completely ignore those around him.

He has the touch of Midas; never in his life will he encounter financial difficulties. His businesses will always prosper. He is also able to handle more things at the same time. Money transactions will always be his forte. He’ll know how to manipulate money to his advantage. And he’ll multiply his cash in a way that’ll seem to be extremely easy, but will actually be part of a grand master plan. He’ll go about his dealings very cunningly and make proposals that benefit him exclusively. The surprising thing is he exerts a great power of seduction and hypnosis over his business associates, who will accept his offers without even the slightest objection.

Predictions for the RABBIT

The year 2006 will be a steady year for Rabbits. There will only be the occasional hindrance in your life, but you’ll surpass this with your determination and persistence. Human relations won’t be so great this year; there’s the danger that you might offend others without realizing it. Try to control yourself and to avoid heated discussions with others.
The Rabbit guy will have an auspicious year. It’s likely that good luck will manifest in running your own business. However, it would be a good idea not to undertake risky ventures, because there are also things that could distract you from your goals. Try to keep your focus.
The lady Rabbit is even more fortunate than her male counterpart. You’ll have a harmonious relationship with your family. You’re also likely to get a promotion in your career. If you work smart, you’ll catch the eye of your superiors and receive their recognition.
You’ll make constant professional progress. There will, however, also be the occasional obstacle along the way. But you mustn’t let that stop you. Try to be creative, and also to ask other people for advice. Don’t play the stock market or gamble in any way; this is very risky for you. In addition, this is not a propitious year for changing your workplace.
Financially speaking, you’ll earn more money than last year, but your expenses will also increase accordingly. Our advice for you is to thoroughly plan your budget in order to avoid any kind of debt.
Health is not great this year, and you can catch illnesses quite easily. This is why it would be a good idea to practise sports regularly.
In the love stakes, try to put yourself in your partner’s shoes. Differences of opinion can lead to misunderstandings and arguments if you don’t approach them wisely. Married Rabbits will enjoy a secure and harmonious relationship with their spouse.


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