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   Sheep people are elegant, delicate, charming, very artistic, talented, and nature-loving. They are also very creative. They are very subtle, possessed of good manners and loads of charisma; and this attracts a host of friends and admirers.

Sheep people are insecure. They need to be loved and protected. They often get mixed up in “situations” they have trouble getting out of, because they don’t know how to do it and they have little trust in their own abilities. Their main defining trait is timidity. They are very shy during confrontations. They don’t speak out, and then they step back if they hit an obstacle along the way. They are unable to make decisions when they’re in a tight spot, and they can’t manage conflict situations.

The Sheep-born are dreamy and often pessimistic, hesitant, and overanxious. Sometimes they’re extremely lazy and they waste their time for no specific purpose. If the females of the species have an opportunity to marry into money they won’t waver at all, because they want the easiest of lives with the least possible amount of work. They want a life with the most comfort and luxury that they can get. They are fixated on their physical appearance, which they consider to be of the utmost importance. If they don’t “look good” they won’t go out even if it’s only to buy a newspaper.

Because of their indecisive nature, Sheep people won’t get involved in too many activities. Instead, they’ll spend the greater part of their time reading – especially books about the paranormal realm – and trying to figure out certain phenomena and processes. They’ll also study horoscopes and predictions, especially regarding their luck. It would be no surprise for the Sheep-born to become astrologers or fortune tellers. 

They are extremely disorganized, which is why they’ll never be able to do business. They aren’t enterprising, good leader types; but they’re also not at all interested in such a position. Their talents are mostly literary, so they can become writers or journalists. They are also very talented in painting and sculpture, so an artistic career could also appeal to them. They are full of creativity; they are perhaps the most creative sign in the entire horoscope.

Their nature is whimsical and emotional. They mustn’t be approached in a rough manner because they are extremely vulnerable and may even burst into tears. They experience sudden and intense mood swings, and they can be easily influenced by others. They can be particularly convincing and tenacious when they really want to have their way. They like to pose as victims to impress their conversation partners or to make an adversary feel guilty. Since they are so well-groomed, and elegant, and stylish their presence will be quite a treat for any social circle. They’ll have a knack of getting under anyone’s skin.

The lady Sheep is the most feminine of all the ladies in the horoscope. She is full of grace and possessed of a special kind of charm. Her ways inside men’s hearts are unbeatable, and she enjoys much influence and appreciation in the eyes of the opposite sex. These ladies have clever persuasion methods, and they’ll easily get whatever it is they want. They like luxury and comfort; they want a tranquil and carefree life. If they can’t obtain a constant and suitable income by themselves, then they’ll resort to marriage. And they will almost always marry for material gains.

The male of the species is defined by an excessive timidity, and almost total lack of resolve. He is unable to take initiative or make a decision in any issue, including love matters. He exerts a great power of seduction on women due to his elegant fashion style, graceful manners, and witty conversations.

He won’t accept conflict situations and will avoid them at any cost. Or if he inadvertently enters a conflict he will do all that is in his power to withdraw from it. He won’t tolerate vulgarity in anyone’s speech or behaviour. He cannot stand harsh remarks or offences, which he sees as a lack of education. He is distinguished in everything he does and enjoys luxury. He is also quite effeminate. He takes special care of his physical appearance.

He won’t have anyone impose a schedule to him, can’t stand criticism, and lacks a rigorous discipline. He is tolerant of other people’s mistakes and tries to discover what lead to those mistakes being made. He is not easily upset, and will never criticize his collaborators. The male Sheep is very sensitive, selfless, and compassionate with those in need, whom he tries to help as far as he can. He has a very insightful nature and is very artistic. He works hard and proves to have a huge creativity.

He loves children and animals, and likes to spend his spare time in nature. You’ll often catch him in the garden, while grooming his flowers or seedlings. He takes great care of his family and especially his children, whom he spends a lot of time with, teaching them good manners and how to behave in society.

If he enters a conflict situation, he’ll get upset and not speak out rather than retaliate in any way. He can stand to lose a lot in life because of this behaviour of his. He is very generous with his money, which he lends without demanding interest or making any other comment. He’ll never lack anything. He is sparing and will never waste his money or his energy. He will most often marry for material gains, but he will be dedicated to his wife and children, who will love him dearly.

Sheep born in winter will have a more difficult life, because the grass that is sheep’s nourishment doesn’t grow in winter. But they will manage, as they are the eighth sign of the horoscope, and 8 to the Chinese symbolizes prosperity and comfort.

The Sheep man has a very simple intimate life. He’ll make no efforts to conquer his partner, because he knows he is extremely attractive. He is the guy who’ll choose his better half and know how to make her happy. He will be faithful and love her sincerely and passionately. He won't let himself be seduced by ladies’ charms.

He has no inhibitions with his partner, and his erotic potential is immeasurable. He puts a lot of soul into a relationship and is able to display very strong emotions – but this, only with a worthy partner.

Predictions for the SHEEP

2006 will be a more difficult year for the Sheep-born. You’ll come across many obstacles and you’ll make your progress slowly, because you will use the wrong methods. Try to change your approach, and everything will go better.
The Sheep man’s luck will fluctuate and have many ups and downs. Our advice is to think twice before you act and to not let yourself be ruled by your impulses. Do every single thing at a time. If you do that, things will look better by year end.
For the Sheep lady good luck will be weaker than for her male counterparts. There’s a chance you will argue with your husband over minor issues, because of your different outlooks on things. Still, everything in your career is clear-cut, and you’ve no reason for worry there.
However, this is not a year to make dramatic changes professionally.



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