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The Children & Creativity Sector

This area symbolizes children, but also every creative undertaking. The sector governs both descendants and creation because you must take care of the creative side of you just as you would your children. Without tender love and care, children cannot reach their full potential. Similarly, your life will not be a constantly developing, creative element unless you are mindful of it and nurture it.

• If you have children, do you make time every day to help them grow? (Remember how difficult the growth process was for yourself.)
• If you’d like to conceive, are you willing to give up your current lifestyle? In my view, children should never have to take the backseat to your career or any other thing.
• Do you have any hobbies?
• Do you bring creativity into your everyday life?
• When was the last time you built, painted, wrote, or improved something? When was the last time you sang or danced?

What is the object of your creation? Is it music, poetry, art, and/or business? This should be something that signifies your own creation and expression. Here are some suggestions for the children area.
- Place a small indoor fountain here to reflect the deep waters of your soul and to allow your creativity to flow. Place crystals and rocks that were found by yourself.
- Hang a portrait of someone whose work and creation you admire. Use a white frame, because white reflects all the colours of the spectrum.
- Try to have a teddy-bear or something childish here as a reminder to relax and play from time to time. Creativity emerges when you are in a playful, open, and relaxed frame of mind.
- If you have children, place their creations here in an amusing frame.
- Place a work desk and a chair in this area where you can sit down, relax, and be creative.
- Hang a poster-image of the sun here to reflect your escalating glow and creativity.
- Turn on the stereo and listen to inspiring music that will ignite your creative spark.

When you let yourself go with the flow, you are opening yourself to creative forces. This is the area where you can be as playful as you wish. Use anything that inspires you.



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