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The Ox-born may be described as calm, reserved, and even solitary characters. This is also reflected in their professional life, as they prefer to work alone in the office. They bother no one by their presence, they are quiet, and do not enter controversial discussions.
They are persistent and hard-working people.

When they set ideals for themselves, they make every effort to attain them, and their patience is enviable. They are very stubborn and they値l defend their point of view at all cost, even when they lack sufficient arguments. They are very helpful with their family and friends. They put a lot of soul into their own endeavours.

They are honest, solid, self-confident people who set high standards for themselves. When they embark on a job or when they are given a task to see through, they値l work until they drop, or as long as it takes. They are sometimes impulsive. They may be easily irritated and not calm down very soon; but most of the time they are moderate.
They are very observant and they have a very good memory. They are able to accurately reproduce all that they saw or heard ages ago.

They can be successful in business, but only in certain fields, because they are intelligent and perfectly skilled with their hands. They are very good at listening to their conversation partners, whom they help and guide toward solving their problems. At work, Ox people are seen as reliable persons who command respect and admiration due to their solid and balanced conduct.

The Ox lady is the best, most hard-working, tidiest, and most dedicated homemaker of all the signs in the horoscope. She値l see all of her responsibilities through; she値l even put in more work than necessary. She is devoted and loyal to her husband and children. Her nature is warm and composed, and she値l create a wonderful climate in her family.
She is a very rational person who thinks a lot before embarking on any project.

The Ox guy is a calm, reliable introvert possessed of a very sharp mind. He is skilled and perceptive, which is why he is often entrusted with leadership positions. He is authoritative and solid in all of his endeavours. He is particularly tenacious and industrious, and he always knows exactly what needs to be done. He always keeps his word, so others are able to rely on him. He thinks everything in life is achieved through hard work rather than good luck.
Negative types are disorganized, unbending, difficult, and authoritarian. All Oxen completely and utterly lack tactfulness. Consequently, they cannot forge a diplomatic career nor work in public relations. They rely on their own abilities and hardly accept any help from others. When they are in fact offered help, they don稚 really know how to receive it.

Predictions for 2006

The year 2006 brings good tidings for Ox people. When you feel you are unstoppable, try not to become selfish but to stay humble. If, on the contrary, you feel it痴 the end of the world for you, you mustn稚 give in. Hold on, because that light at the end of the tunnel does exist.
Luck is unpredictable for Oxen: there値l be times when they値l be fortunate and feel on top the world, and times when they値l feel like the most star-crossed people on earth. You値l need to control yourself this year.
The females of the species will be luckier than the men. Otherwise, married ladies will argue with their spouse over minor issues, while those of you who are expecting have big chances of giving birth to a baby-boy. Single girls will also be quarrelling a lot with their partners.
Professionally, things will get tense in the work environment this year. You値l face one obstacle after the other and a lot of competition. Try to be patient, to complete your tasks one by one, and to avoid offending people.
Financially, you値l make your money easily this year, but you値l spend it just as easily. Try to be more disciplined and to save your pennies so you won稚 be flat broke by year end.
Health will be good generally, so long as you don稚 overtax yourself and you keep a healthy diet.
There値l be a lot of challenges in the love stakes this year, but you値l manage to get through them with a tad of determination and persistence.



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