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The Family Sector

This Gua relates to the family you were born in. Or it can also include your close, supporting friends who love you just as much as your family does. The family sector is also about your ancestors – the people who preceded you and paved the way for you to be the person you are now, and to become all that you can be. It can also include a larger community. This is an area that relates to your teachers as well. Feng Shui makes us realize that we are all interrelated.
• Are you on good terms with your parents and relatives? If there’s no harmony in the home, we cannot aspire to a harmonious world.
• Do you have a good life in your home?
• Do you have heart-to-hearts with your children and family when you sit down to eat, for instance?
• Do you talk with your grandparents? Do you honour them in any way? (This is about both the living and the dead.)

• Do you volunteer to help the community or make donations to support the advent of positive changes in the world?

Your family is your centre of departure for adulthood. Family – whether this means your natural or your foster family, or your friends – is the source of unconditional love that we all need throughout our lives.
Family is our support system, the best exponent of unconditional love. We do not pick our parents (at least not on a conscious level), and yet they give us the gift of life. We can learn about unconditional love when we learn to accept our parents and relatives just as they are. They are but mirror-images of our own spirit.
Here is some advice for the family area that you should follow.
- Place family pictures here in wooden frames.
- This is a good place for art or furniture that you received as inheritance.
- Placing antiques here can give you the same feeling as inherited objects.
- Use wood baskets and sculptures depicting vines.


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