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   We spend one third of our lives sleeping. This means about 23 years or four months a year. The importance of our bedroom is obvious, for the chi has an impact on us whether we realize it or not.
Besides being the place where we sleep and replenish our physical energy, the bedroom is also a personal refuge. If we apply Feng Shui principles in the bedroom we will be able to improve our lives; our children will feel safer; adults will enjoy a healthy sex life and will experience personal and social fulfilment; while teenagers will get better results in their studies.

The Door

The bedroom entrance should not be obstructed by any object, so that the chi may enter the room directly, without being blocked by furniture. If however the bedroom is too small for this, you should place a small mirror on the respective piece of furniture, to create a feeling of deepness. Caution! The mirror must not face the bed in such a way that you’ll be able to see yourself directly reflected in the mirror when you wake up.

The Bed

The bed is arguably the most important piece of furniture in the bedroom. In order to make sure that the chi moves properly, it’s obvious the bed should help its flow rather than obstruct it.
There are several types of beds, but the golden rule here is to go for something simple. The best beds are those with rounded edges that suggest softness since you first lay eyes on them. These help the chi to flow effortlessly.
Beds with multiple edges, such as four-poster beds, can disturb the chi flow and create sharp currents with a harmful potential. If however your bed has sharp edges, do try to hide them from sight with a blanket.

The Closet

If your closet is built-in inside the wall, it will act like the wall itself. Else it may obstruct the chi of the room because of its sharp edges.
To eliminate this problem, you could install a big mirror on its door and two smaller mirrors, one on each side. Thus the chi will flow much more freely. But please remember that these mirrors must not face the bed directly.

Night Tables and Cabinets

Since the bedroom is our sleeping space, there should be hardly any sharp edges surrounding the bed. Thus the night tables, coffee tables, and whatever cabinets you may keep here must have rounded edges and no corners.

The Vanity Table

First, your vanity table mirror should be as big as possible, in order to make the bedroom feel brighter and seem more spacious. Here also, edges must be rounded for the chi to flow freely.
Positioning the vanity table depends on the structure of your furniture and your personal tastes. The most important thing here is the mirror, so you can place this table anywhere without incurring negative effects. For greater benefits, you can place it in a darker place, perhaps a corner of the room. By placing it here the mirror will attract more light and make the corner look more spacious than it really is.

The Chairs

Comfort and practicality – these are the two things to look for in a bedroom. The chairs must have rounded edges and soft seats. Their location depends on you, but if you want to keep clothes and other things on them you shouldn’t place them next to the bed. Clutter next to the bed – even if this means just a few clothing pieces – has the potential to interrupt your sleep, and may even affect your health.

Interior Decorations

The bedroom needs to be more Yin than Yang, so you should pick curvy furniture with rounded edges and avoid strong artificial lighting.
Decorating your bedroom is a matter of taste. Avoid too much black, as this colour can, in some cases, make people develop depression.


During the day there should be lots of natural light in the bedroom, so that you will enjoy copious amounts of the sun’s chi. Instead, there should be no light during the night, for you to be able to sleep. This stands all the more true for the room of a child or of an adult who works shifts. People who go to sleep early in the evening might be disturbed by light in summer, which brings to much Yang energy inside the room.


Sounds are generally not encouraged inside the bedroom. It’s easier to fall asleep in a quiet environment, with no music in the background. Wind-chimes are also not recommended, as they can disturb your sleep and affect your temper and emotions in the log run.
Alarm clocks are very popular, but you should be mindful of the sounds they send out. Your personal chi will be immediately disturbed should you wake up to a sharp or shrill sound. This is why you’re more likely to jump out of bed when you hear the sound of a pleasant alarm.

Living Things

Plants not only enhance the chi of the room, they also improve the quality of the air. Bedroom plants should have big, rounded leaves (which are associated with Yin energy) in order to have a positive impact on everyone.


The best method of introducing movement inside your bedroom is to use something that’s set in motion by the slightest breeze or one of those objects with spheres bumping into one another. These will enhance the chi at their slightest movement.


Electrical devices obviously do not belong in the bedroom. Maybe just an alarm clock and a reading lamp, which, as you already know, can be placed in any area you wish to enhance.
Many people keep TVs in their bedrooms, but I generally advise against this – especially if you have a partner, because your relationship and communication may fade in time if you use the television regularly. But if you live on your own, the TV is no problem.


Enhancing an area through use of colour is easier to do in the bedroom than in any other room. You can introduce posters, ornaments, paintings, plush toys and anything else your heart desires in order to activate the chi with the right colours.










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