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   The Dragon is a noble symbol that was used by Chinese emperors. They say people born under the sign of the Dragon are possessed of much power and outstanding good fortune. They get things moving and keep them this way. Dragons are idealistic, perfectionist, and unbending people. They are extremely forceful and determined. They always strive to stay in power. They never feel helpless and they can easily handle any situation, no matter how difficult.

They are usually stubborn, loud-mouthed, argumentative, impetuous, and – not lastly – aggressive. They’ll often offend people with their discourse, and they are always blunt in their speech. They do not hide and do not resort to tricks precisely because they are so powerful. In their view, their say must be heeded because they have the best opinions, and their advice is the most appropriate. They usually attract their audiences like moths to a flame; they seem to be hypnotic. Their influence is considerable. They are very haughty and will never brush off their ego, no matter how much they stand to lose in life.

They are overly enthusiastic and quick to lose their temper. Dragons can swing from one mood to the exact opposite disposition in a matter of nanoseconds. They are dynamic and charismatic. When they come into a room, they seem to light everything up. They have an air of cheerfulness and know how to enchant an audience with their tremendous appeal. They have loads of self-confidence. They stand firm and cannot be contradicted, regardless of the arguments they receive. Sometimes they act like tyrants. They hate orders because they consider themselves to be the only ones who should be giving them. They can only see themselves as the boss and cannot easily settle for a subordinate position. If they do however settle for it, this situation will only be temporary, because sooner or later they’ll argue with their superiors.

Unlike other signs of the horoscope that tend to be domineering, Dragons know how to handle their subordinates. They are exceptionally affable and generous. This is why they are loved, respected, and obeyed.

One other thing about them is they are very snobbish. Though money doesn’t make such a big impact on them, they are deeply impressed by wealth, fame, social status, and beauty. Dragons are intelligent, tenacious, ambitious, and generous. They can do anything and will consequently take upon them any responsibility, of any proportion. They’ll stand out whatever the career they may choose in life – whether in the arts, medicine, or politics. Their success will be ensured in everything they undertake. They are very much loved and will never be disappointed in love matters. In fact, they are frequently the subject of amorous tragedies or broken hearts. The Dragon lady is highly admired and receives a lot of marriage proposals.
She is the only woman in the horoscope who believes in equal rights for both genders. She’ll never let herself be subjugated, and she likes to be the one to give the orders both at home and at work. She is the perfect guest entertainer, and knows how to make her visitors enjoy themselves. The ambiance she creates is simply exceptional, the dinner she cooks is exquisitely refined, and her conversation is a true pleasure.

She is a classy lady who always wears elegant, expensive, top-quality clothing and jewellery. But she’ll never wear too much jewellery, for she is aware her very presence is glamorous. She makes an excellent mother. Her children will always enjoy special tender loving care. She’ll indulge their whims, but also know when she must draw the line and enforce some order and discipline. Her kids will obey her and do their chores without even the slightest opposition.

She’ll always take charge of the household and do things that her husband isn’t able to do. She’ll keep strict records of all expenses, and she’ll know exactly how much was spent and for what purpose. Money won’t be wasted on useless things, and there will never be problems regarding the family budget.

This is a lady who is very mindful of her appearance. She’ll allocate time in her schedule to go to salons and get her hair and nails done. You’ll never catch her in disarray, not even when she stays at home. She is a great feminist.

She’s a straightforward person who’ll always tell it like it is and speak her mind, although this is often bothersome to some people. She’ll command respect and admiration due to her attitude and behaviour in society or at the office. She is very determined in everything she embarks on, and she’ll use her innate cleverness and limitless energy to achieve her goals.

She’ll always have the last word in any discussion. She thinks everything she says or does is right, and she’s convinced that everyone must act just like her if they want to be successful. She has good leadership skills, so in many cases you’ll catch her in a headship position. She often uses methods of coercion in order to accomplish what she sets out to do. She is generous and she displays great compassion for the people around her. She will support them both materially and morally when they’re in trouble, and her advice is always relevant.

Predictions for the DRAGON

2006 will be a difficult year that will confront Dragons with a host of obstacles. Few people will be able to help you solve your problems, so you’ll have to rely mostly on yourselves. It’s good to learn something from every hindrance along the way and thus enrich your life experience.
Male Dragons will be luckier by year end. This is why they’ll have to work hard if they want to emerge a winner. Try not to make any major life decisions and to always think twice before you act this year.
Lady Dragons are more fortunate than their male counterparts. You’ll make constant progress in family, but also career matters. There’s nothing utterly important to worry about, but it’ll be a good idea to steer clear of your detractors.
Those of you who work as employees will be facing many obstacles professionally. You’ll tend to work hastily, so you need to double check every project you work on. Try to approach problems not only rationally, but also with your emotional IQ.
Financially, you will be fine and have a chance to save some money. Nevertheless, this is not a good year for investments (there is a high likelihood of money loss from this type of ventures).
There will also be obstacles in your love life and your romantic relationship. Lady Dragons will only get to meet unsuitable men this year. And even if you do meet Mr Right, there will be third parties who’ll try to come between the two of you. Health is not great this year, and you can catch illnesses quite easily. This is why it would be a good idea to practise sports regularly.


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