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   Horse people are dynamic and energetic. They like to be surrounded by lots of people. They are very insightful and they know this better than anyone, as they use this intuitive power to their benefit. They have little trust in people, but also in their own skills. Chinese tradition says Horse people leave their parental home very early, as they are born to travel. They don’t like to stay in one spot, nor do they like to be forced to act for the benefit of their work team. And they will never feel guilty about it, either.
They have loads of sex-appeal; they know how to dress and how to behave in society. Also, you’ll catch them often at concerts, at the theatre or opera, at different public manifestations or sports events and parties.
Horses are full of energy and have a huge work capacity, but they can’t focus on one single thing for too long.
They have a clear mind, always thinking things through before they act. They are proud and haughty, not al all selfless; and they never care about any problems that aren’t their own.
Horses are innate hard-workers. They know how to make and how to use their money, and they are skilful with finances. This sign is deemed to be the most action-oriented in the entire horoscope, and speed is obvious in everything Horse people undertake.
The Horse lady is very sociable and glamorous in any social group. She is unshackled by conventions, natural, sharp-minded, and in need of a great freedom to manoeuvre. She loves nature, hiking and travelling.
She is pragmatic in everything she does. She loves her home, which becomes her refuge whenever she’s in trouble. At home is where she feels best, but you mustn’t make her stay there more than is necessary. She loves risk-taking, so she tends to exaggerate and overbid, which is why many times she ends up on the losing end.
In her intimate life, the Horse lady is passionate and emotionally involved in her relationships. In some cases, she can wait a lifetime to find her ideal partner. She is very sensual, sensitive, and clued-up about how to make a man happy. She can’t resist temptation, so she often strays from the righteous path, but her one-night stands will never be able to distract her from the home she cares so much about. She passionately seizes the day. Her motto is, “One day of pleasure is better than a lifetime of regret”.
Her home will always be very welcoming. Her openness helps her make many friends.
As a mother, the Horse lady is simply exceptional. She takes enormously great care of her children, and becomes their true friend. Yet she knows when she needs to introduce some discipline, although beating or other brutal measures are never used by her.

Predictions for the HORSE

This is a year of development for Horse people. Everything goes smoothly and you get help from others when you come across any hindrance.
The male Horse-born will be very lucky. He will get good results in his career. All he needs to do is to be willing to work and make many new friends.
The ladies will be just as fortunate. They’ll make new friends and their marriage will go well.
Good fortune will also manifest in the professional stakes this year, as your new buddies will offer you a host of opportunities. These will be happy times financially – you’ll manage to save some money and even invest it. However, take care that you also listen to your friends’ advice when you want to invest. Health will be good. If some of last year’s complaints persist, this year you'll have your chance to recover.
Love-wise, married Horses will have a harmonious relationship with their spouse, while single Horses will get many chances to find that special someone.



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