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The Knowledge & Education Sector

Moving clockwise on the Bagua wheel, we reach the area of self-education. This is the Gua that tells us about your inner self. A person’s inner self is quite often different from their outer persona. Since we are currently in a very important period of transformation, we need to begin living as we were meant to live; we must pursue our happiness. It is spirituality and knowledge that you keep and nurture inside of you.
This area deals with our capacity to pursue our own spiritual path, as well as our studies or education.

• Do you have several different guises – one for the office, one for your home, and one for your family?
• Is there a personal, spiritual element in your life? (This isn’t just about going to church or following a particular religion.)

• Is there anything you wish you’d studied or learnt, but never got around to?

• Do you have a space in your home that’s dedicated to the spiritual side of you? A small altar, maybe?

• Do you share your opinions with the rest of your family?

Here are some suggestions to help enhance your spirituality and self-knowledge.
- Place an empty crystal bowl here to reflect your openness to the truth.
- A stone sculpture, seashells, or feathers will help you connect with nature.
- Hang a painting of mountains and the sky to reflect your strength and your passion.
- Placing a musical instrument here will help connect your chakras to the notes of music.
- A bookcase filled with books will reflect your knowledge.
Feng Shui is a catalyst of healing, because it is a calling for people to find their true vocations. It is a mirror that will make you look more closely at your own life. It reveals information from your subconscious mind that can help you operate several changes. The place where you unconsciously located an ornament, as well as the meaning of that ornament can point out what you need to look at or examine in order to solve certain problems in your life.
Try to have your Feng Shui symbolic cures for this area reflect your true inner Self and your connection with heaven and earth.



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