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   Feng Shui aromatherapy will show you how to change your personal chi by using essential oils to help transform the chi of your home and of your own body. The Bagua sectors, as well as the chakras, possess specific energies. Each plant has a specific vibrational frequency. So when you imbue a room or your own body with the fragrance of a plant’s essential oil, you will modify their vibration, thus balancing and harmonizing this vibration. You must remember that when essential oils are left to evaporate or sprayed in a room, they transform the chi. They change the climate to bring calmness, motivation, and a certain energy depending on which oil you use. Aromatic oils also produce negative ions. This modifies the frequency of an air that’s teeming with positive ions, which are released by electrical devices.

Using essences and aromatic oils

There are many ways to use aromatic oils – you can spray them; let them evaporate; pour them in your bath; use them for massage… The important thing is not how you use them, but to use them daily. For instance, you can add 10 to 12 drops of your chosen oil in a dark-coloured, 100ml bottle with an atomizer. Then add water, attach the cap, shake, and spray. Now you can use the oil on your body and in the adequate sector of the home.
To improve the chi in a given sector of the Bagua, use an aromatherapy oil burner. This is one of the oldest methods, and archaeologists have found ceramic aromatherapy burners from 1300 BCE Syria that looked exactly like the ones we use today. If you use candles, you can put some drops of oil in the wax that’s already melted. CAUTION: Some of the oils are flammable.

Learn to be your own alchemist. You can make a spray from the essential oils listed here or create your own assortment. In ancient times, perfumes were produced by priests and people responsible with the sacred rituals. These people understood how potent an aroma can be, and chose to use it in order to enhance the powers of their rituals. You can do the same. When you make the oil assortment you create a sacred climate.
You perpetually bring divinity into your lives; your vital energy is enhanced. Which do you think will attract more chi into your life: the act of pouring water and essential oil into a bottle; or following a conscious process of choosing the oil through divination and using it intently, while keeping in mind the effect it’s going to have?
When we back up our actions with our attitude and awareness, they become part of a sacred process.
When you create you own assortment of oils, let your mind adopt a ceremonial attitude, and add mental imagery to the mix. Imbue everything you do with your goal. (You can actually do this in all your daily activities!) “Program” the mix to bring about the positive changes you want in your life. And don’t forget to smile and rejoice while you’re at it! Laughter will bring more pleasure to your life.
Applying Feng Shui essences is far from being a long and difficult process. There are five easy steps that you can do in a matter of minutes:
1. Relax, free you mind of disturbing thoughts;

2. Focus on your goal;

4. Speak out your goal and visualize your wish coming true;

5. Spray the oil or oil assortment of your choice.

I advise you to establish your goal first. Go to a place where you know you can have a couple of minutes just to yourself. Quieten your mind, fill your heart with the goal to change that which you want to be different in your life, and accomplish the five steps.

Free yourself from thoughts. Channel your entire focus to the breath cycle. Visualize the air’s passage through your body. Become aware of your own strength.

Focus on your goal or your wish that you want to fulfil. You may close your eyes if you like.

Spray the essence in your surroundings. As you feel the scented rain, breathe in the healing energy of the essential oils knowing that they were chosen for your specific goal.

Speak out your goal. Visualize the problem being solved or your wish being fulfilled at the same time. Let this mental image that you’ve now connected with the programmed aroma to imbue the chi of your body, deep inside you. You are feeling the wellbeing growing inside you slowly, but surely. You are ready to receive the medicinal properties of the oils and to do this every time you feel the same fragrance again. The more precise your visualization, the closer you are to materializing it. For added powers, you can write down your wish on a piece of paper. When you say it aloud, your goal will permeate your entire being, and at the same time it will send the vibration of your goal to the whole Universe.

Essential oils make wonderful Feng Shui cures for children, who are particularly receptive to their energies. When sprayed in the air, essential oils instantly change the energy of a room.
Perfumes have been used for a long time now in residences and in sacred places, in order to alter the energies and to create a balanced environment.
The main ingredients that transform the perfume into positive energy and harmony are the determination; the belief; the conviction that you want to change something in your life. The vital prerequisite is for you to know how you want to change yourself and how you want to enhance your life.
When essential oils are spread in the air of a room, they have a Chi influence. They change the climate to a calmer, more stimulating and/or more energizing atmosphere, depending on the properties of the oil you use.
Here are some essences and aromas we recommend for curing various health woes.

Indigestion, muscle spasm:

Peppermint, chamomile, orange, lemon, cinnamon, lavender

Sinus infection, catarrh, bronchitis:

Eucalyptus, pine, thyme, sandalwood

Colds, weakened immune system:

Incense, Java incense, white musk

Influenza, colds, sore throat, tonsillitis:

Thyme, pine, eucalyptus, tea tree, cinnamon, rosemary

To protect against different types of colds and the flu:

Tea tree, basil, lavender, eucalyptus, bergamot (Citrus bergamia), rosemary


Basil, peppermint, thyme, lemon, sage, tea tree, eucalyptus

High blood pressure, palpitations, stress:

Ylang-ylang, lavender, lemon

Bad blood circulation:

Rosemary, eucalyptus, pine, peppermint, thyme

Nervous tension, stress, insomnia:

Chamomile, bergamot, sandalwood, lavender, orange

Against general weakness, for toning, to increase immunity:

Basil, jasmine, peppermint, ylang-ylang, neroli (Citrus bigaradia), rosemary

Always remember!!! Oils written in italics will not be used during pregnancy. It’s usually best to avoid all intensely fragrant perfumes or essences during your entire pregnancy period.

Here are the essences and aromatic oils we recommend.

Bergamot: boosts self-confidence, creativity, self-assertion, performances, encouragement, power, motivation, and accomplishment. It works against feelings of helplessness; fatigue; stress; and nervous tension.

Atlas cedar: self-assertion, confidence, self-control, dignity, power, resolve, determination, noble spirit. It remedies the tendency to split hairs; self-centredness; worrying; fear; mental chaos; anxiety; and apprehension.

Cypress: self-assertion, confidence, creativity, wisdom, goal-oriented action, justice, power, courage, generosity. It remedies fear; the inability to speak out to defend your interests; uncontrolled passions.

Incense: brings spirituality; helps meditation; gives you wisdom, introspective powers, healing powers, self-assertion, performance, positive thinking, acceptance, decision power, and determination. It remedies fear, irrational attachment, fatigue, lack of confidence.

Ginger: gives you power, confidence, courage, warmth, determination, empathic abilities. It suppresses the lack of goals or of an aim, the lack of concentration, apathy, and fatigue.

Basil: helps the conscious mind and the process of attaining awareness. It brings stimulation, goal-oriented action, confidence, excitement, and cheerfulness. It remedies mental fatigue, exhaustion, lack of concentration and of a goal, confusion, and indecision.

Eucalyptus: offers a good attention span, focus, stimulation, emotional and energetic balance, logical thinking, positive changes, and freedom. It suppresses irrational thoughts, recklessness, lack of concentration, and sudden mood shifts.

Sage: brings ecstasy, calmness, pleasant dreams, self-awareness, warmth, harmony, balance, tranquillity, and inspiration. It suppresses delusions, fatigue, emotional instability, melancholy, depression, nightmares, nervousness, tension, and stress.

Jasmine: brings spirituality, prophetic dreams, self-awareness, ecstasy, intuition, depth, and joy. It remedies pessimism, indifference, jealousy, bitterness, emotional distance and excess, lack of self-confidence, depression, and anxiety.

Chamomile: brings peace, joyousness, healing, relaxation, understanding, empathy, calmness, meditation abilities, patience, tranquillity, self-knowledge, and self-awareness. It makes you less cantankerous, it frees you of your emotional baggage, of your feelings of emotional separation; of your worries; your stress; your anger; and depression.

Sandalwood: brings self-awareness, spirituality, meditation and introspective abilities, enlightenment, balance, unity, comfort, insight, harmony, and serenity. A cure against possessiveness, the inability to forgive, bitter sarcasm, aggression, anxiety, nervous tension, and irritability.

Juniper: offers a good attention span, powers of concentration, a feeling of the divine, clairvoyance, spiritual support, enlightenment, meditation powers, wisdom, and humility. It suppresses nervous and mental fatigue, the lack of trust in your own strength, and feelings of dissatisfaction or guilt.

Lemon: offers powers of concentration; cleanses; and brings clarity, a good attention span, and awareness. It remedies mental blocks and fatigue, depression, resentment, apathy, lack of humour, stress, fear, and irritability.

Peppermint: helps the conscious mind; offers a good attention span, determination, communication skills, insight, vitality, acceptance, versatility, stimulation, emotional and mental clarity, as well as powers of concentration; regenerates; revitalizes; and tones. It remedies mental fatigue, laziness, apathy, and feelings of helplessness.

Rosemary: helps the conscious mind, memory, concentration powers, regeneration, centring, and clarity. It remedies memory loss, learning difficulties, lack of orientation, indecision, tenseness, and emotional fatigue.

Geranium: brings creativity, comfort, balance, humour, and a sense of security. It suppresses fear; extreme mood shifts; insecurity; the lack of trust in your own strength; emotional imbalance; and hypersensitivity.

Grapefruit: brings emotional clarity, vitality, freshness, joyousness, confidence, positive thinking, spontaneity, and emotional cleansing. It eliminates addictions; self-distrust; and self-criticism.

Lavender: promotes good health, love, inner peace, spiritual contentment, rest, compassion, kindness, balance, comfort, truthfulness, security, relaxation, wit, and emotional stability. It prevents insecurity, mood shifts, restlessness, impatience, inner conflicts, and obsessive behaviour.

Pine: promotes the power to forgive, understanding, healing, compassion, confidence, the acceptance of love, understanding, patience, humility, unity with others, trust, and helping others. It suppresses feelings of discontentment, worries, and the exaggerated protectiveness of others.

Thyme: offers decision power, firm beliefs, a slight sense of strength, vitality, tolerance, support, and warmth. A cure for lack of goals, intellectual and physical fatigue, and edginess.

Orange: brings self-forgiveness, acceptance, spiritual contentment, joyousness, happiness, warmth, positive feelings, balance, physical energy, understanding, compassion, trust in yourself and in others, and accepting love. It eliminates regrets, feelings of guilt, personal dissatisfaction, self-criticism, unresponsiveness, lack of compassion, and inadequacy.

Ylang-ylang: sexual activity, sensitivity, positive emotions, unity, joyousness, self-confidence, warmth. It eliminates resentment, jealousy, self-centredness, stubbornness, and timidity.

Black pepper: brings security, staying power, protection, physical energy, courage, motivation, and power of transformation. It suppresses tiredness, confusion, indecision, irrational thought, frustration, and mental fatigue.

Cloves: for healing, personal contentment, creativity, happiness, and protection. A cure for obsessions and lack of self-trust.

Rose: brings love, peace, sex, beauty, comfort, self-confidence, harmony, passion, cooperation, fulfilment, and forgiveness. A cure for bitterness, sadness, feeling stuck, fearing love, fear of not being loved, jealousy, self-destruction, broken hearts, emotional wounds, and excesses.

Ginger: promotes courage, physical energy, self-confidence, and determination. It remedies lack of goals, lack of concentration, fatigue, weariness, and apathy.

Patchouli: brings physical energy, money, self-assuredness, vitality, and stimulation. It suppresses indecision, laziness, tension, mood shifts, and stress.

Vetiver (the long, fibrous, and aromatic roots of an East-Indian plant – the Vetiveria zizanioides): brings us with our feet to the ground; brings power, honour, self-confidence, protection, money, truthfulness; connects the body and mind. It remedies fear, intellectual fatigue, irritability, weariness, and lack of goals.

Caution: Oils that are written in italics will be used carefully, as they can trigger allergies for sensitive people. Also, care must be taken for children under 3 years of age; and they are not allowed during pregnancy.

I also recommend that you try other oils that don’t appear in this sparing list. Trust your intuition and it will point you to the oils you need at that time.



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